A Cozy Christmas Loft

We are so excited to show your our cozy cabin loft! 

Photo Dec 02, 5 48 30 PM.jpg

There is just something about a cozy cabin loft that is always good for the soul. Can we keep it in this year round?  The two beds in this room are older Ikea beds from our last home and too big for the other upstairs bedrooms. I've seen images of lofts on Pinterest with just mattresses on a frame, so it's super easy to arrange. Just layer your bedding with festive sheets, basic white down comforters(we love two!) and a few cozy throws. Stack your pillows and add those lights just for fun. It's the holidays so do whatever makes you happy. We love so many styles of decor, but this felt right this year.

Always do what you love in your home because it really should be about YOU and what you love. It can change over the years! Find vintage things...throw them in!
We did all of this for under 150.00, but it can easily be done for less if you have quilts or duvets in your closet. This tree was a Home Depot purchase from years ago. Honestly, it was a bit sad after storage for a few years, but it worked perfectly, and we used our favorite family ornaments here.

Photo Dec 07, 9 54 28 AM.jpg

Ornaments are like old songs when you bring out the vintage ones. You always remember the year. When we moved these ornaments were in a box in the car along with our stockings because I could not put them on a moving truck.  Here are the best part...the guys in our family love this room and spend a lot of time hanging out here. I'm sure the TV helps, but they secretly love the cozy feel too!