Holiday Home Tour

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Happy Holidays everyone!  Here is a look at our Christmas decor style for the year. We've decorated for the first time this year since moving last year (separated us) and delayed the decorating. Whew... moving is hard ya'll, and we didn't have a tree until a week before last year.  We decorated the house in Texas when we were together for a few weeks. It's actually what we love to do for fun and on a low budget.

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This is an older log timber frame home in the Hill Country of Texas. It's most definitely still a work in progress, but the main rooms are all decked out for Christmas! Let's start off in the living room. We went for a rustic glam feel with reds, natural greenery, and pops of silver and gold. We loved the tree with just the lights but added a simple amount of glass ornaments. One of our favorite items to use is greenery which we can access right outside the front door, but fair warning cedar is a bit on the sharp side so you might want to break out those new working gloves you purchased for stockings when working with greenery! We mixed in antlers for the rustic with stockings and vintage styled ornaments on the tree for glam, and topped it off with twinkle lights. Tip: you can never have too many twinkle lights. Ok, maybe you can? We added two plaid pillows and changed out the throws just to change it up for the season.

Our kitchen is all decked with wreaths and ribbon. Simple is sometimes better in the kitchen because it will soon be filled with Christmas cookies and spiked eggnog. Tip: Trader Joes has fresh wreaths for 5.99!

Here is the loft which is by far our favorite. There is just something about a cozy cabin loft that is always good for the soul. Can we keep it in this year round? You can see more of this room and how we did it here.

The front entryway is still a work in progress as well as the vintage postal box we have filled with glass ornaments. We are thinking more greenery for the entryway and maybe wine bottles for the boxes. So many ideas, this house is always a work in progress. A canvas that is never finished and that's the best way to make it your own really. Living in it and deciding how to fix those hard spots takes time.

XOXO Shelly & Peyton.