The Guest Bathroom Reno


This is the guest bathroom in our home. It proved to be the hardest to work with. I don’t believe in having rules when it comes to making a house your home. I think everyone should do what they love in the home they spend their lives in. I don’t paint all my walls dark, and the majority of this house is painted a light color, and we have tons of windows and four glass doors that are at least 20 years old.

We live in the south…it’s hot outside, and we may get a few cold months out of the year.  I do love to look at all white homes, and I am inspired by people who bring light to a house by knocking out walls and painting everything white. I’ve just always loved cozy bedrooms, fabric, wood and a lower ceiling when you sleep. Spend anytime outdoors in Texas, and it feels good to nap or sleep in a cool bedroom.


This bath was painted an orange color when we bought the house, and anyone who has pine walls knows it's tricky to keep it from looking orange, so we changed it. It's a work in progress, and we need to re-work the window and lighting issues in the room.  Inspiration and budget come and go so this is where we are with it.

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