Vintage Sugar Mold Planters


Have you ever used an old sugar mold to hold your white hobby lobby candles? Are you ready to switch out those candles for something even better? I thought so. How about turning your sugar mold into a planter! This planter is an easy way to bring life into your home. So what are you waiting for let's fill those molds with succulents? I mean even I can keep a cactus alive.


 First things first take a trip to your local nursery or head to home depot to pick out your favorite succulents. I have placed my favorite below. After you pack up your new green babies and head back, this is where the fun begins.

Break out your power tools and drill a tiny hole in the bottom of each mold so the water can drain. After you have completed, make sure to wash and dry out your mold. 

Next plant your succulents. Don't forget your work gloves you do not want to get stuck by your very own cactus. 

After you have planted, water the succulents and find a home for your new creation. You know, they say plants purify and de-stress the home. Namaste lovelies.