Utility Room Make-Over


Here's the promised post on the "over posted" room on our instagram.  We realize most people don't search the web for utility/laundry rooms and this is not exactly the fun part of home decor or DIY. When we bought this home, the only thing we did replace in this room was the floor with Montagna dapple gray porcelain floor tile and paint. I was extremely happy to have this big space for a utility room but needed to use most of it for storage.  


We've all seen the floor to ceiling storage in mudrooms and utility spaces on Pinterest, and gosh we love them. We also thought about Ikea cabinets and built-ins, but we just did not have the budget or time to do that, so we re-purposed and re-painted. We found this well taken care of lighted cabinet on FB marketplace! If you can find one and have it delivered, I suggest that option!!! (We will link suggestions) These cabinets were crazy heavy, and it stayed in our living area (due to weeks of rain) until we re-painted and shimmied it into this room. We also re-painted the in-expensive cabinets we purchased last year with Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint, Charcoal and replaced the pulls. Then we added the old table and vintage postal box. Next we took an old ladder out in the garage and rubbed it down with the Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain. We added pine legs from Home Depot to the cabinets for a little height and carved out spaces inside the cabinets for the plugs. Added pipe shelves and Cast Iron Branch Hooks for extra storage. 

The Process.

Here's what we learned in this DIY game. First, measure everything! Be patient finding the right pieces online especially if you are picking them up yourself. Nothing will fit as you imagine in your head and every other room in your house will be a wreck when you're finished. The schlep is hard ya'll! 


Good thing there is a 24-year-old in this makeover. Peyton is the go-getter and loves finding and re-purposing the old. Two months until the outdoor-wedding so look for the DIY to continue with prettier things!!