Our log home

Photo Aug 24, 8 38 16 PM.jpg

I’ll always say this house found us. 

We spent many months looking for a home after a rough few years of selling our home of 12 years, my husband changing jobs after 16 years and relocating. When I first saw this house on the market, I think I immediately clicked away from it. It looked just like all the homes I had pinned on Pinterest and tore out of magazines. I didn’t think Texas had many log homes, so I was a little scared I think. Within 48 hours my daughter who was in college classes at the time sent me a text. “Mom, I found your dream cabin in the woods.”

We called our realtor to see the house, but she was swamped and told us it was too remote..too far from everything. We asked another realtor to show us the home, but they were busy, so we finally found a local realtor to open the house. My husband stood and looked out the back windows, and I knew it was here for us.  The previous owners had added great timber porches and a porte-cochere to the front of the log home and a beautiful pool. The inside had some water damage from the first roof, so we did a small renovation of floors, cabinets and a redesign of the “too steep” stairs. 

We moved into the house April 2016, and I have never loved a house more. We spent the first year unpacking, learning about well water, making more repairs, and hosting family and friends.

We are now starting to diy some things, paint, and really make it ours, and I love every minute of it.